In my opinion, Colorado is the most beautiful state for mountains in the lower 48 of the U.S. Home to 54 14,000 ft peaks and thousands of alpine lakes and tarns. It is home to beautiful coniferous and Aspen trees. If you are trying to showcases natural beauty in the images from your special event Estes Park, and its neighbor Rocky Mountain National Park, are an area easily accessible and have a surplus of natural beauty displaying the scenery for which Colorado is known.

1. Lily Lake

Lily lake is perhaps the most solid location for photos. Lily Lake is in a basin fully surrounded by mountains with views of Longs Peak and Mount Meeker. Rustic bridges and boardwalks with go around the water make picture taking easy. Tall wild grass in summer, Ponderosa pines, and mountain overlooks make this a very versatile location.

Lily Lake

2. Moraine Park

Moraine Park is home to the Big Thompson River. This river meanders through this valley with numerous curves and ox bows. Tall trees are present here interspersed with generous amounts of space, wild grass, and snow-capped mountains. An Aspen grove is adjacent to Moraine Park, so the right time of year could give you some eye popping color in your photos.

Mmoraine Park

The Big  Thompson River bending through Moraine Park

3. Bear Lake

When you think Colorado or alpine lakes Bear Lake is exactly what many imagine. Large boulder jutting from the lake give Bear Lake a striking, assertive, dressed down with the natural elegance green bows of conifer trees. The loop around the Lake is half a mile and has more than a half dozen unique area with bold different fore and background combinations.

Bear Lake

August Bear Lake

4. Beaver Meadows

This area is very open, it features panoramas and overlooks. The deciduous trees, and native grass in this area take on a very drab, and dull look in autumn and winter making this area is most picturesque in very late spring and summer. Is venture higher up on Highway 34 the Deer Mountain area will afford you views looking back over Estes Park and Moraine Park. Clouds really tend round out mountainous skyline. If you are in search of a wide open place which still features mountains, Beaver Meadows is the place.

Beaver Meadows

Beaver Meadows

5. Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake is quite similar to Lily Lake, in a number of ways. It features boardwalks over marshy areas and wooden log bridges, but this location is more technical because proper lighting is paramount when trying to bring out the beauty in this area. The mountains are only visible from the east side of the lake so, creativity is key at Sprague Lake. An experienced photographer will be more than capable of timing and finding good light. Don’t let the above notes on this location discourage you. Out of the numerous places to go and find unique and captivating vistas, Sprague Lake makes the top 5 because of its ease of access and gorgeous views.

Sprague Lake

Untitled photo
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